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Special seminar with Jason Gaiger

What Is a Detail?

22. 11. 2023
Učebna K 24 (Filozofická fakulta MU, Veveří 28, Brno)

Students and colleagues are invited to attend a seminar led by our special guest Professor Jason Gaiger on the concept of detail in art history.

The seminar will focus on Georges Didi-Huberman’s essay : The Art of Not Describing: Vermeer – the Detail and the Patch, History of the Human Sciences 2, No. 2 (1989): 135-169.

The article is available through institutional subscription (university network and VPN) at (in its original, the essay is most easily available as the last chapter [„Appendice“] of Devant l’image, Paris: Minuit, 1989).


Do you plan to come? We would be happy if you let us know.