SMArt Talks

Exploring Latin American Photoclub Networks
and Their Global Exchanges (1930-1960)

Julieta Pestarino

25. 9. 2023
Hans Belting Library

Julieta Pestarino is an Argentinean photography researcher with a PhD in History and Theory of Arts (Buenos Aires University, 2021) and a Master in Curatorial Studies (Tres de Febrero National University, 2019). She graduated with a degree in Anthropology (Buenos Aires University, 2015) as well as in Photography (IMDAFTA, 2011). Her research focus is on the history of Argentine and Latin American photography.

Exploring Latin American Photoclub Networks

As photographic communities, Latin American photoclubs shared methodologies and objectives and played instrumental roles in advancing local photography. They did so by forming a cohesive network that not only connected them to one another but also integrated them into the global photography landscape through international photo salons. This lecture will offer a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic history of Latin American photoclubs, with a focus on the Southern Cone, during their formative and pivotal first decades. It will delve into their active evolution and significant impact within national contexts, with emphasis on the links between Argentina and Central Europe.

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