Call for applications: Visiting Research Fellow 2024

07. 01. 2024
Centre for Modern Art and Theory, Masaryk University

The Centre for Modern Art and Theory at Masaryk University invites applications for a one-month Visiting Research Fellowship for 2024.

Based in Masaryk University’s Department of Art History, the mission of the Centre for Modern Art and Theory is to promote research and teaching in the fields of modern and contemporary art, visual culture, aesthetics, design and art criticism. It hosts several individual and joint research projects and organises a regular programme of events, including guest lectures, work in progress seminars and reading group.

The Visiting Fellow will be expected to undertake their research with the support of the Centre, deliver a presentation and/or lead a research activity, engage in intellectual exchanges with the Centre’s members and actively participate in the Centre´s regular programme of research activities.

The Fellowship is open to researchers at any stage of their career who hold a PhD in a relevant field. The Fellow will receive a stipend of 50,000 CZK (approximately 2,000 EUR), intended to cover travel and accommodation costs and contribute to living expenses, for an expected  stay of three to four weeks. Although the total amount of remuneration available is fixed at this amount, the Fellow may choose to stay for a longer duration using the same stipend. The Fellowship should take place during autumn semester (September–December) 2024.

To apply, please send the following as email attachments to Dr Mark Windsor at by the closing date of 7 January 2024:

  • A covering letter (two pages maximum) stating the applicant’s motivation for participating in the Centre for Modern Art and Theory and how they see themselves fitting into the Centre’s programme of research and briefly outlining the research the applicant proposes to undertake during the Fellowship. The letter should also state the applicant’s preferred dates for undertaking the Fellowship
  • A CV, including a list of publications
  • A writing sample (e.g., an article or a book or thesis chapter)

Applicants will be notified of the decision by 31 January 2024. Please direct any enquiries to the email address above.

Julieta Pestarino´s experience with the fellowship:

„My experience as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Modern Art and Theory at Masarykova Univerzita was very positive and enriching. The Center’s team was very welcoming and integrated me perfectly into all their activities during the three weeks I was there. I had my own desk to work at and all the resources of the university at my disposal.
During these three weeks, I participated in and carried out the following activities:
– I presented the progress of my research at the Work in progress meetings.
– I attended one session of the Reading group autumn 2023.
– I used the libraries of Masaryk University, in particular the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Informatics, as well as the Moravian Library. I also consulted the photographic archives of the Moravian Gallery and the Moravian Museum in Brno.
– I contacted local photo historians with whom I was able to exchange information for my research.
– I gave a lecture on modern Latin American photography in the course Other Modernisms.
– As part of the SMArt Talks series, I presented my lecture: Exploring Latin American Photoclub Networks and Their Global Exchanges (1930-1960).
It was very challenging to carry out so many activities in only three weeks in a completely new environment, but I think that is what made the experience so enriching. Maybe more time would have been even better, perhaps 5 weeks instead of 3 would have been ideal, but in my case it was not possible for me to stay in Brno any longer, due to work and personal reasons.
Everyone I met at the Center for Modern Art & Theory, as well as in the rest of the Filozofická fakulta and other faculties of Masaryk University, was extremely friendly and they quickly integrated me into their daily dynamics. I felt as if I had been there for months! The great social environment was remarkable and I ended the experience with many new friends and colleagues.“